GDCC Membership Info


Any qualified person interested in membership in the Great Dane Club of California must attend two (2) meetings as a guest prior to entering his application for membership.

These meetings must fall within a twelve (12) month period.

Applications must be made on the form supplied by the Club.

Each applicant must have two (2) sponsors, not of the same household, qualified for voting.

The applicants name(s) will be listed in the next two (2) published Club Bulletins and his/her acceptance to membership will be voted upon at the next closed meeting.

At least one (1) of the two sponsors must be present and an oral report of said applicant shall be given by at least one (1) of the sponsors.

Two-thirds majority of votes cast shall be required for election to membership.

For further information contact Victoria Cornish (Membership Chairperson) or download an application.

Contact Maren Cornish to receive the bulletin if you are not currently a member of the club.

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